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Blue Monday

88 images

This German beauty a dream made of flesh, a shaved pussy and gorgeous nylons. Her peachy booty is eye candy.



Cleaning Slave


101 images

Being a good slave has to be trained. May needs skilful hands to help her becoming a good cleaning slut. Her training includes scrubbing floors and cleaning the toilet.




Gwen, Hanna

9:07 minutes

It's time for a serious conversation. Well, having a clear hierarchy it is more an interrogation and Hanna should better listen and obey...



Girls, Kisses'n'pantyhose


9:43 minutes

Watch those two super sexy girls getting wild in awesome pantyhose. Hear them groan with pleasur and listen to their fruity wet pussies.



Womanizer Threesome

Alice, Alexa, Hanna

6:16 minutes

These three awesome girlfriends are sexy wild, absolutely horny and do always have naughty ideas. This time they fight the orgasm competition. See three super juicy pussies with hard orgasms and a special highlight.


Obediance and Orgasm

Hanna, Lady Black

16:00 minutes

This painhungry slave whore loves it when her mistress adopt the harder line and whips her horny cunt until she cums. Since only a thankful slave is a good slave, she treats her mistress with an intense orgasm by licking her pussy.



Strip and champagne


5:28 minutes

This little slut gonna blow your mind with her sexy curves. Watch her strip and showing her shaved little cunt while pissing into a champagne glass. Cheers!



Your sexy gynaecologist

Hanna, Lady Black

12:02 minutes

When the gynaecologist is not just awesomely hot, but also as horny as sexy there is no doubt that the patients' cunts get wet immediately and every examination terminates with an orgasm. This is the doctor of your wet dreams and every little cunt in town is coming for this special examination.



Peeing lesson

Alice, Alexa, Hanna

6:21 minutes

Being a nerd should include the knowledge that it is not the best idea to be alone in the classroom with the two hottest little cunts and to be at their mercy and mostly you will be pretty pissed.



Cheeky fruit


18:49 minutes

After a stressful day every mistress deserves a slave who is useful and does whatever she says to. Lady Mary unluckily has a very naughty slave. The slave mouth has to stuffed and her useless ass has to be punished for being such a rude slut. After an ass spanking, face slapping and nipple squeezing session the slutty slave girl has to prove herself as a licking slave.